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Women are naturally built to be protective and it is not their fault, they know how vulnerable they are emotionally. 

A man can walk to any woman he finds desirable and do all he can to woo her, but this is not the same for a woman, even if she likes you, she has to pretend she doesn’t and this is not because she doesn’t like you, she’s just being careful. They actually see every relationship as a big risk they are about to take and so must watch before they leap.

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Men, on the other hand, see it as fun and expect women to act same and so this is why they get confused when women pretend they are not interested only to see them with another woman and get offended.

This is because she expects you to read in-between the lines which you don’t know how to do. Here are 12 easy ways you can spot that a lady is just playing hard to get but actually likes you. 


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1. She Acts Cold And Hot At The Same Time

So you’re with her and one time she’s all sweet, friendly and flirty and you feel you’ve won the war and try to reciprocate then out of the blue, she retracts and acts cold towards you and it makes you feel like giving up. That’s where you got it all wrong. She doesn’t want to feel cheap and so expects you to chase her too and so this is the point you don’t give up, just keep pushing.

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fight in relationship


2. She Quickly Replies Your Message

If after all the cold treatment, she doesn’t put your messages on waiting, then know that she likes you and is actually looking forward to your messages. It’s a sign that she likes you and wants to always hear from you.

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