$uper Er0tic: Big ass Gladys visits lonely S*x starved Lanre [Part 1]


While Lanre’s girlfriend is abroad studying and sleeping with her in-law and his friend. Lanre’s also here in Nigeria sleeping with his flings, but Gladys walks into his cage.

Mariana lost the bet visibly, the expertise that Ari displayed during the course of their intercourse was simply out of this world. She lost it completely that she had to see him everyday.

After spending a week with him, in his office, in his apartment, he had her eating out of his hands. She was conditioned just like Pavlov’s dog, whenever she hears his voice, she could feel wetness rushing through her inner thighs.

Ari was such a master of the act that his 9 inch dick felt like it was normal and she even wanted more of his dick. She was truly trained by him now.

Uncle Ken wasn’t on her case anywhere since the sexy Queen had taken him over, he had always wanted Queen all to himself but her love for her lowlife boyfriend had always been the hindrance but Uncle Ken had found the perfect way to make her forget him even it for a brief while.

He paid Queen £700 per day she stayed with him, staying a week with him would easily make her over £4,900. She sat her fat ass down with Ken as they ordered in and he continued to feast on the ass. The distraction caused by Queen meant that Marianna was free from the harassment that Uncle Ken would give her.

Ari had Marianna’s head in a spin that she has been avoiding Lanre’s phone calls, they had not been able to talk long on the phone. He would check up on her, and she would rush him off the phone.

They were both wonderfully adulterous couple. Marianna felt guilt only when she wasn’t climaxing. On few occasions, Marianna would pick his call while Ari was in between her legs, eating her out unknown to Marianna, he also had some girl or girls depending on his mood gagging on his dick.

They both knew they were still seeing each other just whoring themselves at different parts of the world. While Marianna was rushing to Ari’s house, Lanre called

“Hey Babe” He said

“Baby” She replied

“How are you?”

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