#TrendopeStories: Squatting Sam – Part 3 (Must Read)


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I began my morning with Samuel’s sperm. I woke up before he did, and that provided me a bit of cover in pulling off my semen-stained nightgown. His sperm had gone dry and crusty, even on my palm, and I needed to wash it off. So I s*aked my gown in water and detergent, before heading to the kitchen. Despite the time of day it was, I still struggled hard to concentrate on anything! I was having that feeling you have, when something really really bad happened the previous night and you hoped sleeping and waking would change it; but only get disappointed on waking up and finding the disaster still there and staring you in the face! As anyone would expect, the regrets of induced sex, comes much after the climax and ecstasy!


I now didn’t know how to face Samuel when he woke! Whatever little control I still had on him had just gone with all the ruffling from last night! The respect, the fear, the regard and even the authority, were all completely gone! I wouldn’t even be able to look him in the eye now, let alone have the fortitude to instruct him on anything! In fact, when he woke up and joined me in the kitchen, I was so defeated, that I ultimately struggled to even reply his greetings! I could only muster a nod, after a very very hard try!


He went straight into the bathroom to bathe, while I continued with our breakfast of oats and fried eggs. How he could manage to even greet me after the incidents of the previous night was beyond me! He barely looked like anything was going on between us! He had basically dragged his way into the kitchen, still wearing that same boxer short from last night, and then after picking up some hot water for his bath, walked away! No preoccupation; no discomfort; not even an iota of struggle in his voice when he greeted me! He was apparently fine! And of no remorse! I just didn’t understand how; considering that I was dying in shame and probable self-disgust! I had never been in a position like this one before.

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