#TrendopeStories: Squatting Sam – Part 2 [Must Read]


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I woke up like I was being chased in the dream! I was panting! Obviously, I didn’t exactly have the best of nights, even though I couldn’t exactly recall what I had been doing in the past 5-6 hours. Expectedly, I checked out myself; all looked in order. When I looked over my shoulder, there was Samuel still lying on his bed, spread over the floor.

“It’s 5:30am in the morning, and this prankster is still sleeping?” I mumbled to myself silently, while stretching out my weary neck.

There was every reason to dislike the lad even more! Not only has he looked spoilt and unreasonable so far, he was equally coming off as the rather lazy type! So much for a future leader, and I just had to wonder how he managed to pass the screening exam into my school! The more I watched him curled up on my lovely daughter’s mattress, the more I wished I could give him the beating of his life, but for his mother! He simply s*cked!

In fact, it wasn’t until I was done with bathing that the kid would get up from sleep! I made little prayers, made breakfast, brushed my teeth and took my bath, before Samuel eventually came off his bed; and with as much a sense of self-entitlement like I had never seen before! He greeted me as I stepped out of the bathroom, and began to fold up his mattress to place in the usual corner it’s always been. I didn’t exactly know whether to answer him even, even though I still eventually did! He still looked a little bit dizzy, and even had to squat for a while, before eventually making it fully up on his feet. However, it was just after he had stood erect, that my eyes unavoidably found another thing equally erect! For right there at his crotch, was a large tent; obviously resulting from a fresh morning erection, under his shorts! For some mysterious reasons, it looked rather burdensome!

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