#TrendopeStories: Squatting Sam – Part 1 [Must Read]


If I were to re-live my entire life, there would just be a thing or two I’d wish to change. But none of them would include being a School Principal. This has always been my dream; a life-long dream. And after several years of hard work and brute competence, Daniela finally achieved that pinnacle! It took me a long but diligent 27 years! Some of which I had to laterally drag myself along! So many trials, temptations, disappointments, betrayals and even in some cases outright death-threats! But I remained steadfast; not because I was necessarily the br*vest, but because I wanted to reach that pinnacle! I wanted to be a school principal! The leader of the school and the head with the vision for its future – nearest and farthest alike! It was a thing of passion.

A thing of obsession – if you like – to see students taught and guided on how best to behave as members of an institution of learning! Unfortunately, a few people occasionally misunderstood me; so to them, I was just a vile, over-ambitious middle-aged woman! As they wish, I guess!


Ambitious? Maybe. But vile? Not sure. I know myself for being stern; or maybe I should use the word firm. I ain’t the easiest to convince; most especially on matters of learning, grooming and discipline. I don’t think people see me as some Victorian-time rigid old woman-major who would happily choose to go by the cane in every possible circumstance; even though that is how they most often describe me. I mean, I am not exactly old – being only just 49. And there isn’t anything Victorian about my aura, style or methods.

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