#TrendopeStories: Squatting Sam – Final Part (Must Read)


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The following morning was always going to be a mix-bag! I was caught in-between two decisions as I arose from my bed into a sitting position. Something felt really good about the morning, and there was a palpable, yet subtle desire to see whatever it was continue. When I turned around to check on Sam, I was quickly reminded of the actual reason the morning felt weirdly good.

As well as why I was faced with two tempting options to choose from. Right there on the bed, and both our clothes, were remnants from the previous night! Sam’s cum were still littered ‘everywhere’; and in some cases still looked near-fresh! We came closer than we had ever come! And after how it had made me feel, I was now so doubtful I didn’t want it to happen again! I had grabbed his cock with my hand and practically jerked him until he came! And I had let him have a field day with my excited boobs! We were now too buried in this filth, for anyone to assume any moral high-ground anymore! Even the way I unknowingly began seeking out the position of his manhood with my eyes, barely 30 seconds after waking, did explain how much of a twisted mind I had become in just three nights!


I began contemplating not going to school that morning as I finally got down from my bed. The temptation was so strong! If the said ‘good feeling’ is to continue, then I was better off staying home with the young man! But this was also the problem – having to detach my head from the occasional reminder that I was drifting! I was caught in-between listening to my lustful inclinations, and doing what was supposedly ‘right’.

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