#TrendopeStories: The making of a hoe -Part 3 [Must Read]


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Ever since Oma gave birth and Demola found out that she’s a minor, she has been starved for sex.

Demola had told her on confrontation that he still loves her and is ready to wait till she’s 18 to make everything legal and touch her again.

He told her anything less than that, he wasn’t getting involved, Oma was furious, her body yearns for sex, it yearns for his touch and all but then he has made it pretty obvious to her face that she’s not getting any action in 2 years so it’s time to scheme.

Her post UME result came out a few weeks after and she made it into Unilag to study her dream course, she was happy and sad at the same time given that there wasn’t anybody to see her through school since her dad was out of the picture and her mother went with him.

Since she returned from the hospital she hasn’t come to visit her it has been her taking care of a child she doesn’t even want except for Demola’s mum who comes to help her out every morning.

She gave it a long thought but nothing seems to be coming to her head so she dumped the letter on the table in defeat and went up to the room to sulk. She slept off in the process and didn’t here Demola come in, she was still sleeping when Demola woke her up brandishing a letter and smiling at her

‘Baby, you made into Unilag. Wow this calls for celebration or what do you think?’

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