#TrendopeStories: The making of a hoe – Part 2 [Must Read]


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She noticed it got more interesting as she rubbed on and before she knew it, this great feeling overpowered her and she poured whitish juice all over her fingers. She noticed she felt calm, relaxed and happy after that.

Finally she has a story to tell, she smiled to herself.

Ever since she started masturbating she always looked forward to shower time, it wasn’t long she started longing for the real thing after watching porn for the first time on her friends phone.

She longed for the big black dick she saw and that killed her zeal for light skinned guys, all she wanted was a dark guy who will be breath taking cute and as huge as the guy she saw in the video.


Every night she fantasizes over that dick and treats herself to an orgasm, luck shone on her the day Demola walked in with Nancy’s boyfriend, they looked at each other and that was it. Their hearts spoke to each other, they got close pretty fast and before long they became a thing.

Demola treated her like a queen, got her gifts and the gadgets her father took away. They only treat themselves to a quick kiss before saying goodbye till Demola invited her over, she went and they had a great time together but she got lily livered when it was time for action and lied about her period.

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