#TrendopeStories: The making of a hoe – Part 1 [Must Read]


‘Nurse Rose contact the blood bank, she’s going to need more blood, so we could save her life and that of the baby. You! (pointing to one of the nurses behind her)

Prepare her for the theatre!

Doctor Johnson please come with me I need to see the lady that brought her here.’

With that she left the labour room with Johnson behind her.

‘Excuse me young lady, I’m Doctor Peju, the one in charge of the patient you brought in her minutes ago, what did you say happened to her again?’

‘I don’t know what you are talking about doctor, I already told you I saw her bleeding by the road side and decided to help. I’m I in some sort of trouble for helping?…

‘Oma! Oma! Where is this girl? Oma!’

‘What the hell, dad, can’t you knock?’ Mr. Badmus slaps her face real hard and starts speaking immediately

‘Next time talk to me with respect, I’m your father not your younger sibling and need I remind you that this is my house and I have the right to open any door especially when the occupant whom happens to be around refuses to answer when called Oma’

Still holding her face with hot tears streaming down she tried to speak

‘BUT DAD! I Didn…’

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