#TrendopeStories: House Sitting [Must Read]


I was lying spread-eagled on the couch, one leg on the floor, another on the back of the couch, p**sy wide open and the remote to the home theatre going in and out of my open p**sy. My eyes were closed; I was in another world, remembering a f*ck session I had with three guys in Badagry. How they all used me one after the other in different positions, the movement of my hand sticking the remote control in and out of my dripping p**sy became a blur as each scene of the groupie flashed before my eyes. I was m*aning, using my other hand to pinch my erect n*pples one after the other as the feelings in my p**sy intensified. I stuck the remote control further and further into me, using it like a dildo, wishing it was a hard stiff long c*ck. I was so close to c*mming that my lips were open and my nostrils flaring as I built up to my orgasm. I arched my p**sy forward as with one final plunge of the remote control deeply inside me, I let out an animal groan and c*m flowed out of my p**sy.

I left the remote buried deep inside me as I rode my orgasms. After it had subsided, I removed the remote and brought it to my lips, licking my p**sy juice off it. My eyes were tightly shut closed all this while. I was in a world all of my own, imagining guys, several of them doing things to me. I calmed down after some minutes and opened my eyes, finally sated. I blinked, blinked again, then quickly started up, trying to get up from the couch, looking for my discarded clothing. I’m in such a mess, caught pants down f*cking the remote control in my aunt’s house by my aunt’s husband who was supposed to be off-shore on an oil rig! He was leaning against the door (which was supposed to be locked, oh forgot he has his own house key!), his bag on the floor beside him, a wicked smile on his face and a hell of a turgid c*ck in his hands!

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