#TrendopeStories: Home Sitting – Part 2 [Must Read]


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‘’wake up missy, you still have the whole of the night to sleep’’ my sister’s voice intruded

sister has a way of wanting everyone around her to jump whenever into my slumber

‘’oooohhhhhh, sis me..’’ I mumbled getting up from the couch where I was sprawled

‘’Missy!!! Get up, you know I have to be at the airport soon or do you want me to miss my flight? She’s getting angry now, I can hear the anger in her voice.

‘’But sis, you know I’ve also had a very busy week and I’m not the one taking you to the airport na’’ I also snapped back. My she says so. My week was a busy one as I said and I expected her to understand that I need to rest after all I intend catching fun later that Friday night. Couldn’t she just go where she was going and let me be?.

‘’I need you to help me finish some chores and make sure that I have everything I need for the trip. You know Bimpe won’t like it if I didn’t take everything I was supposed to take along to her and you are my unofficial P.A’’ my sis countered.

‘’unpaid P.A…oh well, let’s go get it over with’’ I replied heading for her bedroom to do what she wanted done. An hour or so later, we were through, she was dressed and ready for her trip. My sister is a very unorganised person. Her husband or me has to make sure all she needed for any trip is fully packed, if left to her to do the packing, she would forget the most essential of items she needs to take with her. I’m sure her husband had declined to help and that was why she turned to me.

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