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Top 10 Hottest Wedding Bouquet Trends in 2018

A wedding bouquet is a very special accessory for every bride. This is why, every bride wants this bouquet to be as beautiful as possible. Which are the most interesting wedding bouquet trends for today?


Gathering a wedding bouquet is a task that demands a lot of taste and a perfect vision of what would match the style of the spouses-to-be. Experienced designers who make wedding bouquets of the highest class usually meet with their clients and discuss all the details, beginning with the wedding attires and ending with the color scheme of the wedding.

There are specific trends for wedding attires, styles, and even bouquets that change almost every season and, of course, every year. Let’s take a look at the hottest wedding flower ideas 2018 that will make your wedding bouquet a real masterpiece.

  • Apricot colors and hues of the yellow butter

These colors are trendy for both wedding dresses and other accessories, including bouquets and other flower decorations. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you need to turn everything around you into apricot orange. It’s enough to add some accents here and there. If you make your wedding dress in such colors, though, make sure that your bouquet differs from your gown, otherwise it will get visually lost.

The flowers that can provide you with the mentioned hues are: carnations, peonies, chrysanthemums, and so on.

  • Deep hues of the wine

While some designers still insist on pastel shades for the bride’s special bouquet, other’s offer deep dramatic colors that will attract attention and add a very special mood to the wedding. These colors are deep red wine, burgundy, mahogany, and other shades of red, purple, and dark pink. It’s said, they go well together with dusty green-grey colors of other greenery that’s usually added to bouquets.

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In short, the bouquet should look dramatic, slightly vintage, very mysterious, dark, and enchanting. It will look perfectly well against a gown of the same “vintage” colors: ivory, greyish white, ancient lace, and so on.

  • Purple is never out of fashion

It’s not just about the purple. It’s also about the mauve, all shades of plums, all types of lilac. These colors are especially lovely if they are combined with lemon yellow (even pastel), orange, and yellowish whites. An all purple wedding is hardly a good idea but having some bright and vibrant purple accents is a wonderful choice. This will surely be a wedding of a lifetime with all those juicy colors and lovely combinations.

It’s not that hard to find the flowers of the necessary colors: eustoma, all possible types of orchids and roses, violets and lilies can provide you with everything you need.

  • The cloud of fragrance

There’s a precise trend for the flowers that leave a trace of a wonderful fragrance around the bride. It’s great when not only the looks but also the aroma creates the mood on this day. Of course, it’s hardly possible to collect a bouquet of many flowers and many colors that would give a pleasant aroma.

When choosing several types of flowers, make sure that their fragrance match each other and try not to overdo with the fragrances!

  • A herbal composition

Sometimes it’s possible to compose a bouquet out of some aromatic herbs like lavender, oregano, thyme, and so on. As a rule, such herbs are considered kitchen spices or a part of medications but in this case, they can be a perfect accessory with a delicate unusual fragrance.

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Having a bundle of fresh mint added to the wedding bouquet is already an unusual and delightful step. Such a bouquet will create an exciting sense of relaxing freshness and delight.

  • The natural look rules

One of the most beautiful wedding bouquet trends in 2018, to our minds, is the trend of letting the flowers in your hands behave as it will. It’s okay this year if the bouquet you are holding looks like you have just picked it somewhere and still had no time to structure or trim the hanging parts. It’s okay if there’s plain grass in your bouquet or flowers of the wilderness. Naturalness is the trend this year.

  • Only locals are invited

Another interesting trend is choosing only local flowers and plants. This one is totally up to you: nobody knows how much you would like to have a bouquet made out of only local plants. Some brides insist on ordering flowers from abroad in order to have a bouquet that’s not like the ones of all her female friends and relatives.

  • A rare bird is here

One of the lovely tendencies of this year is adding as much naturalness as possible to everything. This is exactly about the bouquets that can be decorated with feathers of all types. Choose whatever you like and whatever suits the style of your wedding best of all. Maybe, it will be the feather from a peacock’s tail and maybe, it will be a bundle of chicken’s tail feathers with their bright green sheen.

It’s necessary to mention that feathers of wild birds look good in bouquets of natural colors: yellowish, soft yellow-green, light browns, and so on. However, white ostrich feathers can be a great addition to a white wedding bouquet.

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  • Flower accessories to match the bouquet

Alternatively, the bouquet may match other flower decorations. Everything depends on what you choose. Such a principle helps to create a certain single atmosphere for the entire event. The premises are decorated similarly to the bride’s flower accessory, guests have small bouquets of the same flowers just as souvenirs, and so on.

  • Alternative wedding bouquets

What does it mean? If you, for some reasons, don’t want to have fresh flowers in your wedding bouquet, you can always find alternatives. Dried flowers are at the peak of their popularity. They can be used to decorate the premises and to form the bride’s bouquet. One serious drawback of the dried flowers is their fragility but with a careful handling such a bouquet will easily last through the wedding festivities.

Another option that looks quite interesting is artificial flowers. While the todays’ means and tools allow making very true-to-life artificial flowers, some of them in your bouquet may be made out of plain newspaper sheets. It will add a funny and cute look to your bouquet.

An option for those who adore luxury and jewelry is called a “brooch bouquet”. It is usually gathered out of jewelry pieces that create a solid mass in a bouquet shape. Of course, it’s a really shiny option. However, you need to keep in mind that such bouquet can be quite heavy and very expensive.

One more option, which can be quite functional during the hot season, is a feather fan. Being quite able to replace a bouquet, such an accessory made out of luxurious feathers will decorate any bride’s look.

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