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Popular Hollywood Actress Flaunts Bare Boob in Racy Scene for New Comedy Movie, ‘Snatched’ (Photos)



Stills from Hollywood comic actress, Amy Schumer’s saucy scene from her comedy flick, ‘Snatched’, have been released, which shows her baring one of her breast without any hesitation.

Amy Schumer’s saucy scene form her comedy flick, Snatched.
36-year-old popular Hollywood actress, Amy Schumer, has been baring one of her breast without any hesitation  in a saucy scene of the newly released film, Snatched.
According to Dailymail UK, the comic actress doesn’t seem too concerned as her cleavage spills out of her plunging vest top as she talks to her co-star in the film and sports a constant smile on her face as her cleavage is unleashed from her top.
Very well aware of the situation, the blonde beauty continues to converse with her co-star before she finally decides to pop it back into position.
While speaking about the racy scene in an interview with ET, Amy revealed that she had an embarrassing moment with her brother Jason Stein when they sat down to watch the raunchy comedy together.
She said: ‘I watched the movie with him – my sister [Kim Caramele] and I rewrote this movie – we watched it with our brother and, you know, my boob comes out in this movie. 
‘Right before we said, ‘Don’t look!’ We paused it, we tried to skip ahead but it skipped right to that part.
She continued: ‘He was like, gagging, it was awful. We honestly haven’t made eye contact since, it’s very uncomfortable.’ 
Amy starred in the comedy with Goldie Hawn and they took on the role of mother and daughter.  The film, directed by Jonathan Levine, follows their characters as they go on vacation – and it goes terribly wrong.
Snatched was a bona fide box office hit, raking in $20million during its Mother’s Day weekend opening.
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