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PDP Reps See Vacancy In Aso Rock

PDP Reps See Vacancy In Aso Rock
The Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) caucus in the House of Representatives has declared that Aso Rock, the seat of power, will be for its taking in 2019 following the alleged failure of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the last two years.

The caucus said Nigerians having tasted the PDP style of governance for 16 years and also seen the performance of the APC government for two years can now make an informed assessment of the achievements of both parties.

The opposition lawmakers added that the party has learnt a lot of lessons from the crisis that nearly took the party out of existence, calling on “strayed” members especially those who defected during the impasse to come back to the fold to build a stronger party.

The caucus led by the House Minority Leader, Leo Ogor (Delta), at a media briefing on Thursday pledged to work with other organs to strengthen internal democracy which was the crux of the leadership crisis it suffered.

Ogor, who briefed the press on behalf of the caucus said, “There is vacancy in Aso Rock in 2019. This is an earlier quit notice that they should start packing their loads because we are moving in after our reconciliation and re-organisation.

“Internal democracy was one of the factors that nearly took the party into extinction”, Ogor said, adding that “the victory at the Supreme Court which validated the leadership of the Senator Ahmed Makarfi led PDP was for the interest of all”.

He said it was a family crisis in which there was no victor, insisting that PDP was not factionalised despite the crisis.

“We have learnt our lessons no matter how you look at them. We consider this victory for democracy. It has gone a very long way to strengthen the democratic principles and ethos, and it is one great opportunity for us to congratulate all PDPnarians who stood firm in the midst of this crisis. This shows ones more that the party must be more democratic in all its internal affairs.

“One major lesson we have learnt in this exercise is that we must do everything possible to strengthen our internal democracy. We will also work hand in hand to make sure that this party stands and this party belongs to the people.

“The PDP which is the largest party in Africa shall aspire for a perfect union of the Nigerian people. You all have seen clearly the challenges that have befallen us as a people and we must work to avert the confusion and crisis of the past two years of the APC government”, Ogor stated.

On the issue of governance, the opposition leader maintained that “the APC administration has taken the country backward, the situation was not part of the dream of any Nigerian”, adding that in the last two years, the party has not been able to take any decision in the interest of the Nigerian people.

Ogor expressed belief that what has happened has created an opportunity for and strengthened the PDP to reclaim power come 2019.

“I believe that what has happened from all indications has strengthened the PDP and I consider this a quit notice. Not an ordinary quit notice but also to tell the APC government that they should be prepared to do what they were elected to do.

“Come 2019, we shall restore true democratic governance where power belongs to the people”, Ogor stressed.

The caucus passed a vote of confidence on the judiciary, saying that the judiciary remains one institution which must be revered at all times.

He said the justice was not just for the PDP but for democratic principles and ethos, saying that it has restored hope and confidence on democracy.

Ogor, who stressed the importance of opposition in a democracy, said that “for democracy to thrive, there must be virile opposition and I think the judiciary has acknowledged this fact”.

The opposition leader also urged Nigerians to pray for President Muhammadu Buhari who has been away on medical trip abroad, saying that “anybody can get sick, and illness is not something that we should wish one another, and if our leader is sick, all we owe him is prayer.

“Pray for the well-being of the president so that he can come back and do the job for which Nigerians elected him. He must be able to fulfill the promises he made to all of us, because he owes us that much”, Ogor added.

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