Nutty By Nature! 5 ways to be a naughty girl


5 ways to be a naughty girl

You can really wow your man in bed by making it kinkier and showing him that you have a naughty side.

Being naughty in the bedroom is what most guys love. You can really wow your man by making it kinkier and showing him that you have a naughty side.

Below are ways to bring out the inner tigress in you.

1. Making use of a mirror during fellatio or sex because guys love to watch

Get him to concentrate on you by introducing a mirror during sex. Put one on your bedroom wall right next to the bed and you can also put one on the opposite side so he can get a view of both angles. If you can’t get full-size mirrors, settle for a makeup mirror on a table that will give him a great view of you giving him a sensual blowjob.

2. Touch yourself/masturbate for him

Trust us, he loves to watch. Shake off your insecurities about how you look and give him the show of his life by masturbating in front of him. Close your eyes or blindfold yourself and turn on some music so that you have no idea that he’s there. Then just do your thing.

3. You can change the location

So, instead of having sex in the bedroom again, show him your wild side by suggesting sex somewhere else. Whether it’s on the couch, in the backyard or in the car, just the switch of venue will do miracles for how amazing the sex is.

4. Walking around the house naked

A lot of ladies aren’t positive about their naked bodies and most men hate that about their partners. Your man loves the way you look naked. So let your doubts and restraints go and start walking around the house naked. Start small, like not putting on a towel after a shower while you head to the bedroom to get dressed. Perhaps you can hang out naked for a bit after having sex.

5. You can go commando

When you and your partner go out to dinner together or the movies, you can conveniently “forget” to put on panties beforehand. Of course, make sure you’re wearing something that won’t show your pussy when you bend over. Then, lean over and whisper in his ear that you’re not wearing any panties underneath your clothes – and watch as his eyes pop right out of his head.

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