Must Read: My Sweet Uncle Tosin


“If only I knew I wouldn’t have broken up with him just yet”
Those were the words re-echoing in my head along side with the throbbing in between my legs.
It had only been a week since Buchi almost f*cked tears out of my eyes, I still could remember how his hand roughly pulled my head towards his D*ck forcing me to take more of it into my drooling mouth , and how he rewarded me back with a mind blowing orgasm, pounding me from behind. Now I had to walk around with a pool in between my legs.

I was writing my last paper which meant holiday. Everything felt wrong inside the Examination hall, the way the examiners watched us like an hawk does to his prey, the excruciating painful sound the pen of the young man sitting behind me made when he chewed on it, at a point I thought he might have chewed up the entire pen.

I knew what pained me most , I wanted a d*ck and I wanted it bad. While in the exam hall, my pu**y was not helping out issues, my juice were soaking my pu**y alongside my thighs, My n*pples were hard against my bra which made me very uncomfortable, i could feel my juice creating a wet patch on my skirt. I normally don’t wear underwear ( don’t ask why) ,The only thing that made sense at that point was to deepen my fingers in my burning pu**y.

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