Must Read: Pleasant Dirty Mistakes


These silly little accidents (mistakes if you like) began in the most absurd of manners. And I was partly responsible; although unintentionally. Funmi was my unit head at the small bank where I worked as a Teller. And I was under her. I worked at the counter along with three other staff. Funmi’s desk was just behind the counter and she was required to be in charge of how we went about our duties. Time and again, I would have to walk to her desk to either seek her advice or opinion on a challenging problem. And in most cases, plead with her to send information and complaints to our Abuja office, which was the head office.

This was how we worked and solutions never failed coming. She was a strict professional, and I respected her for that. While she was not yet married despite being in her mid-thirties (just like myself), my relationship with her (which was equally professional), wouldn’t let me know if she was the one who actually chose to remain single. I quite accept though, that she wasn’t exactly beautiful, but I wasn’t going to think that was the reason why she was yet to be hooked up. After all, she had a great body as well as a fantastic personality. It was 5 years since I started working with her and it wasn’t secret that we both were one of the finest staff our branch had.

Things began taking a rather ridiculous twist in August – few days before our transfer memos arrived. On the very day, the banking hall was horribly full to the brim with costumers and I was having a very torrid time attending to the many on my queue! Funmi was equally dead busy and one could easily tell the frustration taking a toll on her as she tried dividing her attention between attending to staff demands and receiving phone calls. Mid-way into attending to a particular male costumer, I instantly required her assistance.

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