Must Read: How Kunle made it rain on me Part 2 [Rated 18+]


Kunle curled his finger upward and found my g-spot as I gasped. I threw my head back and moaned, and he lowered his mouth again to blow warm breaths against my throbbing clit.

He started with one finger massaging that spot, then two. My mind drifted away as his fingers played with me. My body ached and I arched my back to feel the palm of his hand push against my clit.

I lay back on the bed as I let my hands roam my body. He licked my pussy from bottom to top, his tongue stopping to circle my clit with every lick. I spread my legs wider to invite him in completely.

I was at the place of heavenly torment, stuck between wanting the arousal to last forever and the wanting to feel my body release the pleasure he was storing in me but also knowing I couldn’t get both.

Kunle didn’t give me a chance as he carried me to the dining table as he pulled my clit inside his mouth and suckled on it. I lost control as I felt waves of pure bliss all over my body.

I thrust my pussy against his mouth with each suck on my clit. My legs were spread wide, my body knowing the want I felt to have his hard dick buried inside me. The luscious, sensual sound of orgasm filled the room.

I looked at Kunle and our eyes met, and I could feel his lips form a smile against my pussy. He lifted his head and I saw his lips were wet with my juices, and I smiled back.

“Would you like to play the next movement with me”? he asked. I was still trying to calm down from my orgasm, and I nodded and bit my lower lip.

“Fuck me,” I begged.

He stood and pulled his shirt, never breaking eye contact with me. He pulled his boxers and I felt his erect cock spring free and hit the inside of my thigh, and then he moved so it rested against my wet pussy. He put his hands on either side of me on the table and slid his dick against my pussy.

“Oh god”, I said. “Please just fuck me. I want you inside me”.

His smile was sensual, his eyes were filled with lust, and the soft skin of his hard dick against my pussy was having it’s assigned effect. I was feeling a stronger arousal now as I felt his dick slide between my sensitive lips. I felt the head of his cock push gently at the entrance of my pussy and I wanted him to thrust into me hard. Instead, he pulled back and slid his dick back up to my clit.

To be continued…

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