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I just turned 40. And for the past 13 years, I’ve been working as a security man! I began with the Rosary all-girls College at Badagry before joining St. Elizabeth’s catering school at Ijesha after getting a very good offer. That was where I spent the last 9 years of the 13 I mentioned earlier.

It has been a very pleasant ride so far to say the least, and out of it, I’ve been able to raise two girls and a boy through primary education. In fact, my first kid – Amina, will be joining my former employers for her secondary education and I have plans of drafting her into the current school where I worked as soon as she was done. Her mom always spoke about how brilliant she was in the kitchen and how she would love her to own a restaurant of her own someday. While that was a decent dream to have for one’s daughter, my ideas for Amina’s future was more than that.

I wished she could do well in school such that she could easily be employed by the best hotels in the country. I was seeing good talent in her and that was why I had begun telling her that she would attend one of the best catering monotechnics around, such as St. Elizabeth’s. I was more than convinced that it was a good school and the quality of graduates released each year proves that. Another convincing factor was the culture within the school.

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