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I felt some hands grab my shoulder and arms in less than a moment. I was still dazed and could barely open my eyes but I was quite conscious and could hear everything happening around me. I could hear Kunle and the rest pleading and making all kinds of promises to the girls. I could also hear the girls abusing and using rough language on us. Quite a few of them were already advocating taking us to the school authority and while I wasn’t saying or doing anything yet, I was basically a dead man in my mind! I couldn’t exactly say what was possibly next but did hope for the best. It wasn’t quite very long before they pulled me up from the ground and in a jiffy followed it up by pouring a full bucket of water over me! Probably in a bid to knock me off my dizziness!

“You no wan open your eyes before abi?” I heard one of the many naked girls say as I begun pleading that they shouldn’t pour a second bucket.

“I don wake abeg…” I persisted. I hardly knew them, since they were from Kunle’s hostel not mine. In fact, there were faces among them, I hadn’t even met before!

Strangely though, it was rather funny for some of them and it kept them amused all along. Their mostly half-naked bodies were still glistening of bathwater and in some cases also had patches of soap lather dappled here and there.

I kept begging though. Not for them to stop the water splashing now, but to stop them from taking us to the school authority. I could see Michelle standing at a corner and with her hands over her sprawling breasts! I may be in deep soup, but that doesn’t take away the fact that the young girl was graciously endowed and most importantly a stunner! It was somewhat funny though, how she still felt the need to conceal her nakedness even though she was certainly aware we had seen a lot of her!

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