Must Read: The Busy Toilet By Neekaih


The busy toilet,

Everyone loves to take a dump in her.

She’s easily accessible.

Closest to find and get to.

Cleanest to lose yourself and shit in.

The experience is always something new, never the same.

The busy toilet,

Eat crap and pay her a visit.

Feeling crappy, pay her a visit.

Feel Bloated, pay her a visit.

Feel stuffed or full, pay her a visit.

Detox and pay her a visit.

She’s always there to comfort your arse in its various forms n elements.


The busy toilet,

Who does she visit when all else seems full?

Who does she visit when she’s all crapped on?

Where does she go when she needs to offload?

What can she possibly do with all the shit she’s swallowed all week?

This busy toilet needs the very same thing she gives.

Who will care for her,

Maintain her,

Keep her cheerful

Who will pay her a visit?

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