Must Read: Adventure Of Unilag Runs Girl [Part 4]


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Patricia could not believe her ears. She stared at the grinning man sitting behind the age worn desk. The air conditioner continued to rattle in the background, pausing to wheeze like an old woman every now and then.

“I don’t understand what you mean sir,” She said, blinking at him in surprise. The man laughed, the sound bouncing off the small office with a high shelf packed full with books.

“Oh, come off it Patricia, you are a bright girl.” He winked at her. “I am sure you know these things.”

Patricia drew her shoulders back. “I am sorry but I don’t.” She adjusted the handbag on her right shoulder, still hugging her books against her chest. The man’s smile disappeared and he straightened from his leaning position and picked the Blackberry on his desk.

“You know, I can easily refuse to give you back this phone,” he said, holding the Blackberry lightly between his index and middle finger and sliding it back and forth between the two fingers. “I have a right to confiscate any phone that rings during my lectures.”

Patricia refused to look at her phone, holding the man’s eyes defiantly. She had heard stories about Mr. Adebayo’s escapades with female students. The lecturer was renowned for failing female students that refused his advances. Patricia shuddered inwardly as she remembered the grime she had seen in the fingernails of the hand that held on to her phone. She had never looked forward to failing the way she was at that moment. There was no way she was going to let a creepy bald lecturer with dirty fingernails touch her.

“You can make it easier for both of us,” he was smiling again. The phone was back on the table. Patricia looked at the phone. An hour ago while the lecturer was going on about the principles of intermediate micro economics in her class of two hundred, the phone had rung with Tola’s call. It was then that Mr. Adebayo had marched through the aisle of the lecture hall to demand for her phone.

“I cannot do that sir.” Patricia informed him stiffly. “You don’t have a right to demand to sleep with me because my phone rang in class.”

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