Must Read: Adventure Of Unilag Runs Girl [Part 2]


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Patricia walked up and down the corridor, her palm determined to leak gallons of water. She wiped her hands on her jeans for the umpteenth time, trying to control her nerves. Sweat was already breaking through her artfully applied make up.

“Do you think I look like a masquerade?” She had asked Onyinye ten minutes earlier. Her friend had looked at her brown dusted eyebrows that winged nicely above her eyes and the jade green eye shadow that matched the top she wore with satisfaction.

“You look nice.”

Patricia’s stomach was in knots. Hearing Tola’s voice had sent her heart racing. She began to feel the enormity of her adventure. Her phone vibrated against her hand and with an automatic jerk, she pushed down a button on it.

“Lion house Adeola Odeku V.I,” she mouthed as she read the message. Patricia felt a presence behind her and turned. Onyinye was looking over her shoulder at the phone.

“Has he sent the address?”

Patricia showed her the phone. Her friend looked at it and then back at her.

“The place should not be hard to locate.”

“I am nervous,” Patricia whispered, looking back into the room where Eno, Onyinye’s quiet bunkmate studied, cross legged on her bed.

“Just go,” Onyinye said, shooing her towards the black handbag on her bed. Her friend had heard all about her escapade the previous weekend. At first she had been horrified that Patricia had been part of the runs clique even for a day but Patricia had assured her that she had nothing to fear from Tola Opanuga. I will never go near runs again, she had told Onyinye, I just want to see him. The woman behind the gleaming brown mahogany desk looked at Patricia, a small questioning smile on her perfectly painted red lips.

“Can I help you?”

Patricia fought the urge to stare at her feet. She was yet to recover from the magnificence of the twenty storey glass and steel wonder and the gleaming elevators with blue carpet rug that swallowed her feet with their lushness. Her skin broke out in goose pimples as the chill in the reception area seeped into her linen top.

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