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Help Save Adewumi Nathanael Ooreoluwa

Nathanael Ooreoluwa is a Seven month old boy who was diagnosed with a 13mm Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) while on admission at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) for Bronchi Pneumonia.
Ventricular Septal Defect also known as a hole in the heart, is a congenital heart condition where the ventricular septal separating the lower chamber of the heart is not completely closed up, leaving a gap and making Oxygen rich blood mix up with Deoxygenated. This increases the pressure of the blood reaching the lung and also making the blood reaching the lungs less Oxygenated

VSD makes his heart to overwork. It makes it difficult for him to breathe comfortably and his development has been slow. This VSD will eventually weaken his heart and an imminent heart failure if not corrected. The correction can only be done through an Open Heart Surgery.

I solicit your financial support in order for this “future” (Nathanael) not to fade away before our eyes.

We require a total sum of $10,500  to have this defect corrected at a hospital in India. The capacity to finance this surgery is not available as I, the father, is a Civil Servant and my wife a Fashion Designer. We wish for you to help us save this boy with your resources, no amount is small as every kobo will go a long way towards saving this future.

Nathanael’s case is currently handled by a Paediatric Cardiologist; Prof. B.A. Animasahun at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Paediatric Ward, Ikeja; His file number is Reg No. 485975.

Your donation can go through the bank with the details below

Account Name :  Adewumi Nathanael Ooreoluwa.
Account Number : 3150738375
Bank: First bank

Nothing is too small to give in this dire time. Help will speak for you where you least expect it 🙏

If you know anyone that could be of help please do not hesitate to help us forward this to them. Thank you as you lend us your help.

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