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#RelationshipTips: 12 Ways to comfort your girlfriend during her periods

srk kajol

The way your girlfriend can transform either into a godzilla or a lost puppy when on her period. Even if you are the most patient boyfriend ever, you may just want to hide when Aunt Flow visits, but this is really not what you should do. No matter how irritated your girl is, she simply needs you around her. Instead of panicking when she’s on her period, show her that you care enough and try your best to comfort her. Here are tips on how you can make her feel better. Here are tried and tested tips to alleviate menstrual pain.

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  1. Do not blame anything on her period: You may be right about her crankiness, terrible mood swings and bad mood being caused to her period, but NEVER say that out loud! Be sensitive. This is a biological process which affects her behaviour and pointing out her body as the troublemaker will only make things worse! You will end up making her feel blamed for hormonal upheaval. Want to pre-pone your periods? Here’s how.
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