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Guys: 4 Signs Your Woman Has Slept With A Lot Of Men (Must Read)

There is actually no trick or way to know the exact numbers of s3xual partners someone has had in the past that is undisputable but do you know that with an observant mindset and a very keen eye one can have a good idea of the s3xual experience of one’s partner.

So guys, if you want to know how experienced that babe is s3xually here are some signs to look out for.

Her words: A lady that find it very easy to talk about s3x is more likely to be s3xually experienced because more s3x induces more s3xual confidence especially when the s3x is great, once a woman is s3xually confident she will have no problem discussing s3x-related issues.

She is up-front: The more s3xual experience a woman has, the more open she becomes about her s3xual needs so when she knows her “onions” and what turns her off during s3x then she is a pro between the sheets.

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