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FOODRECIPES: Spanish Omelette – Esther Medson


In the recipe I  recreated, baby potatoes were used but I had sweet potatoes at home and they worked perfectly fine. You can toss in whatever you want really, but the potatoes are necessary to give the omelette some bulk. The best part about this recipe is that the omelette looks like pizza!


Traditionally, an omelette is a dish of eggs made with beaten eggs, cooked in a frying pan without stirring, flipped over to cook on both sides and sometimes filled or topped (in this case) with cheese, ham and other foodstuffs.

-but that is just the dictionary meaning.


Omelette can mean anything to you! Basic fries eggs, tomato omelette, tomato onion omelette, bell pepper omelette . . . Whatever you like! Feel free to throw in some cheese if you want, or chicken bits, or sardines. Sweet corn and green or as would work fine too. If you want to get more hunger-satisfying value from your omelet, add some potato slices and bam! -super breakfast.


The day I made the omelette was one of my most stressful days ever! But still, when I settled down to eat, I found my myself staring . . . And staring! It just looked too good. And you know what? It tastes even better! Feel free to adjust the seasoning any way you want, but I’d advice you to use just a pinch of salt, and a dash of pepper. Eggs are best with minimal seasoning.



You’ll need:

*2 large eggs

*knob of butter


*veggies, sliced. I used: onions, red bell peppers, snap beans.

*sweet potatoes, sliced.

*seasoning (salt and pepper)


*in a large pan, heat the butter and slide in the potato slices. Fry on both sides and set aside.


*in the same pan, Whisk in the eggs and immediately add the chopped veggies and cooked potato slices. Do this quickly, before the eggs set

*carefully flip the omelette over to cook the other side.

*when both sides are cooked, tip it onto a serving plate and eat right away!


Hot and delish!  Serving suggestions? Pair with cold fruit juice. -you should honestly start all your mornings like this. .

Source: Food Hub by Esther Medson

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