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CORONAVIRUS: 12 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Immunity In The Time Of COVID-19

Whether you’re boarded up in self-isolation or still out and about, taking care of your body and mind is more important than ever. During the COVID-19 chaos, it’s important to make active decisions about your health and safety. Other than the no brainers – wash your hands, no hugging and elbow sneezing – we’ve got our top 12 steps to support your immune system. While no one food or product can completely protect you from getting sick, introducing these super simple, super effective techniques into your daily life will definitely boost your immune system’s Kung Fu fighting abilities!

1. Spice It Up

Not only a useful tip for your love life, but did you know garlic, onions, ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper are all fabulous spices to introduce to your diet for their antioxidant, detoxification and antimicrobial features. Garlic in particular has been considered a superfood since ancient times for its multiple health benefits. The natural compound allicin, found in garlic has antibacterial properties that can protect against illness. It is also known for its direct effect on boosting white blood cells, which fight off harmful bacteria.

2. Berry Good

Foods rich in antioxidants such as berries, dark chocolate, apples and leafy vegetables will also assist in pumping up your immune system to its full potential. These guys will reduce cell death in your system and promote the growth of white blood cells. They also have the amazing ability to assist your body’s repair function. If you are going out to grab groceries, try hitting up your local market or grower to support our local Brissie industry.



3. Snooze Fest

Praise the lord: we have another excuse for an early night! A healthy 7-9 hours of sleep a night is a great way to give your immunity a helping hand. As most of us know, sleep is your body’s time to recover and repair crucial functions, including your immunity. Getting enough z’s can boost your T-cells; some research indicates one bad night’s sleep can reduce your immune cells by up to 70%. So, time for nan-nights, friends!

4. Let’s Get Physical

Turns out we have the term ‘sweat it out’ for a reason. If you’re currently in self-isolation, you may not be pumping iron at the gym, but keeping fit and moving is key to keeping your immunity happy. Regular exercise will increase circulation which means white blood cells will get around the body more effectively. Watch your back bacteria! As you exercise and your body temperature rises, this also has a destructive effect on nasty bugs. Those happy endorphins are added bonus! However, it should be noted that high intensity or prolonged exercise can spike your hormones which can comprise your immunity, so don’t push it for longer than an hour.


5. Take Care Of Your Plant Babies

Aside from lookin’ cute around your home, indoor plants are also super beneficial to your health. Plants are nature’s detoxifiers. They can significantly improve the air quality of their environment by absorbing chemicals in the air. Not to mention the added bonus: studies have found that being in an environment with plants can reduce stress as well as improve blood pressure and heart rate. Boston ferns are powerhouse purifiers that absorb nasty chemicals and repurpose them into materials the plant can use. Other plants such as Peace Lilies, Pothos and Aloe Vera are also fantastic options to add to your plant collection during this time.

6. Put The Bottle Down

The general state of the world right now might have you feeling like a vino (or three), and the occasional drink is completely fine, however be weary of overdoing it. Not only will it dehydrate you, alcohol has been shown to comprise your body’s ability to heal itself. Alcohol can also disrupt the gut barrier, which is a key defence and may allow more bacteria to enter your system.


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