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Hoe Story: The Girl I met At the Jamb Center  


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August 3, 2017 1:04 PM  
This happened last year. Used to go to one of those pre-uni lessons a couple months back before I got into school. Wasn’t really into it & stuff cause most of the people there were ugly & razz but then one day I came getting ready to deliver my daily curves cause most of the girls there were into me ( can’t even deny it, I’m a ×ne boy ) then I saw a new girl who just enrolled. Her face wasn’t all that but that body . My preeq was already doing skelewu. As a sharp guy I didn’t dull. Started talking to her & bagged her number that same day, her name was tomide. Her boobs were like twice the size of my head (and truss me, I’ve got a bigg head man ) When we started texting this girl was now forming holy for me. After bout 2 days I almost gave up on the parole fam but I kept on in faith . When it was a few days to jamb ( last day of the whole lesson stuff) everyone stayed back just chilling & gisting . 
I was at the corner talking to her using scope to wipe chalk stains off the back of her skirt & imagining how that ass would look . Next thing babe said she wanted to go home & asked if I could walk her( her estate was close by ) I wanted to form bad guy &I be like nahh cause I was like this girl that likes doing holy it’s not like I’ll even do anything with her but changed my mind later on. Best decision I made last year . We got to her gate she was like I should come into the house, no one would be home at the time cause her mom was at work( thank God for girls that are the only child ) we went to parlor. Me I was just cracking jokes & the babe was there laughing up and down next thing she just stood up & sat on my lap. I slid my hands down there like usain bolt & started squeezing that bootyyy, like play like play mother Teresa started kissing me & grabbing at my dick which was harder than further maths at this point . Me I took my hands over to what I’d been targeting all along. 
Those melons took off her top & damn they looked even better than i imagined I sucked the life out of them and tomide was now wet af already. She took off my trousers & sucked my dick like there was no tomorrow. I was just there like so this girl who was forming is experienced like this . I almost came just from the head, man had to start thinking bout the deadpool movie to stop before I fell my hand . She wanted me to enter her pussy but didn’t have a condom so I was like nahh, your boobs are amazing & all but I’m not ready for kids so I just fucked her boobs & about 6 mins I busted all over them . The babe still wasn’t satis×ed though. I now had to give her head( which I hate doing . Don’t know if it was good I sha enjoyed my own . When we were done  she told me that she didn’t want to seem cheap that was like she was the way she was with me at ×rst. In my head I was like wetin consign me, my parole still paid off . When we saw our jamb results (we both passed) we met up again to do our own private celebration & this time I made sure I had a condom . Sorry if it was kinda long . Keep me anon 

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