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[Sticky] #Must Read: My Youth Service and Her Virginity [$uper Er0tic]  


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August 3, 2017 6:54 AM  


My name is Alex. I finished with a first class in Chemical Engineering in Akwa Ibom State University. There is an adage that says, What cant kill you, can make you stronger. But the truth is; action speaks louder than mere words. I dont know how strong I will be in coming out of this predicament that I have found myself into.

It all started about two years ago in my youth service year in Anambra state. There was this very good canteen not too far from Fegge, Onitsha South Local Government Council, where I eat frequently and often during my CDS, (Community Development Service). It was the aroma of their food that lured me to the place; the savory of scented stew and fried meat, it was irresistible, I couldnt just evade myself from the luscious captivity that overwhelmed me Perhaps, a simple restrain would have changed history and would have saved me from all these.

As I entered the canteen, I grabbed a plate and stood on the queue salivating and waiting for my turn. When it got to my turn, before me was something more compelling than the meal that I expected. My eyes got locked in contact with the young lady who was serving the meal. She was beautiful beyond expression, I could hardly compose myself and it took me some few seconds to reboot. She then asked. What food do you want sir? in fluent English. I stuttered. Give me Rice ₦50, dodo ₦50 and 3 pieces of meat” I handed her the money for the food as I was collecting the food because that is the method in the restaurant but she refused to collect the money. I didn’t understand the kind gesture, I then insisted and she smiled at me and said. Its okay, its on me. I then took a seat and started eating. While I was eating, I noticed her looking at me at some instance. It drove my curiosity wild and I was eager to know her. She sounded quite polished and she looked more dignified than running a local canteen, I knew there was more to it. As I was done, I went to meet her and said to her. Thank you very much. My name is Alex; can I know your name? She giggled and said, My name is Tessy. As we both smiled at each other like teens gripped in some high school crush. So I left the place hoping to return the following day.

I got to my rented room and I was still thinking of Tessy. She was average height, dark skinned and very attractive. Her curves were at the right angle and her bust was an eye candy. I knew I needed a good looking female friend while I served my country in the beautiful state of Anambra and Tessy just happened to fit into the picture. 

The following day I went to the canteen, but this time around I went there late. Unfortunately food had finished, but the good thing was that Tessy had time to spare. She was preparing to wash the dishes and I didnt hesitate to assist her. She didnt want me to get my hands dirty but I insisted. I helped her in getting water and she was thrilled that a Corper would stoop so low helping her with the dishes. Well, why wouldnt I, it granted me the avenue to view her heavy legs that jiggled as she was washing the dishes. Suddenly her mother appeared from a distance, Tessy sighted her and she said to me. Please hide, dont let her see you I have no any other option than to hide just as she told me since I have not met her mum for the first time and I dont know the kind of person she is. But thank God she didnt waste much time in canteen as she only came to collect her hand bag.


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August 3, 2017 6:55 AM  


I then hid behind the canteen and after about 15 minutes her mum left the place. Tessy then came to meet me and said, Sorry about it. I then said. Its okay, no sweat. Your mum is strict right? She said. No shes not. I am preparing for JAMB exams and seeing me with a guy would upset her. I then said to her. Then why are you here working in the canteen? You should be attending lessons now. She said, My elder sister is not feeling fine and shes the one in charge of the canteen. Yesterday was my first day here I asked her. What course do you intend to study? She said. Biochemistry I said to her, I finished with a first class in Chemical Engineering, if you need any assistance I will be glad to help you. She said. Wow! That will be nice. I have a problem with chemistry and physics. You must be a genius I laughed and said. No I am not; I just love to read my books a lot. It takes hard work and persistence to be successful. My dad is a Professor and my Mum is a Judge, they really encouraged me.

We finished cleaning up and I decided to walk her home which she agreed. As we walked, we talked about our families and she opened up about the challenges she faced gaining admission, being the only child amongst her siblings privileged to attend higher institution. I was so bent in making her pass her JAMB and I promised her I will put her through. I convinced her to tell her Mum she needed to prepare for her exams and that she wont be able to continue with the running of the canteen. Her Mum eventually succumbed and she got a replacement.

I made an arrangement with Tessy, for her to be coming to my place 4:00pm Mondays to Fridays and 1:00pm on Saturdays, which she agreed.

My intentions were sincere, but with a little thoughts of side attractions. In spite of being attracted to her, I wanted her more than anything to pass her JAMB exams this time around.


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August 3, 2017 6:58 AM  


I was moved by what she said. No lady had ever said that thing to me before. I began to feel for her and that was when I started to really care for her. She looked at my feet and said. Ah! Alex, Look at your toe nails. Dont you cut them? I felt a bit embarrassed and said. No now! They are hard and my nail cutter is missing. I will get another one in town. She then said, Do you have a razor blade? Let me help you and cut it. I said, No! Please I dont like using razor on them, it might cut me. She then said, Just trust me, it wont cut you.

I got her the razor blade and she meticulously cut my toe nails neatly. She then took a napkin soaked with water and she cleaned my feet. No lady had shown me much compassion and care. Immediately I erased the lustful thoughts I had on her and I decided to do everything to make her succeed in her JAMB exams.

Our friendship grew and I found out how remarkable she was. I began to love her but I fought really hard not to reveal it to her. I respected her and I knew she was a good lady and I didnt want to start something I couldnt finish. I was aware we both had feelings for each other, but I was afraid it will lead to nowhere and also I didnt want to make a promise I couldnt fulfill. It was a tough decision for me, because I had to fight every temptation that came my way. She was really improving in her preparations towards her examination. She was able to solve all the difficult problems she once faced and I was proud she was making a head way.

The JAMB exams came and she smashed it. She scored 253 and I bought her a wrist watch for doing so well. It was Friday night around 9:30pm. I heard a knock on the door and it was Tessy. I was really surprised seeing her there at that time of the night and I said to her. Why are you out this late? She said, I told my mum I was going to Vigil. I then said. Come in, you lied to your mum abi? She couldnt answer me. I made her noodles and she ate. We both laid down on the bed and I knew what I feared most was revealing its head.

I was just wearing only boxers because I dont like sleeping with much clothes on. She then asked me, Do you have water in the bathroom, I want to shower. I then knew that that night was going to be an intriguing one. I said, Yes theres water in the bathroom. You can use this towel its clean. She took the towel and went into the bathroom.

After about 15 minutes she then came out from the bathroom wrapped in my towel. She then switched off the light and laid beside me. She apparently didnt have any clothes on her apart from the towel she tied round her chest. Before I could say jack, my erection had manifested. Shoo! But I vowed not to make the first move. About 10 minutes passed and no move was made. She then rested her head on my chest and put her left laps on my leg. And I thought to myself, If we spend the night like this it wont be bad. I then put my left hand on her left shoulder and began to fondle her shoulder a bit. Next thing I felt was a grip on my joystick. She said, I have never held one before. You are the first and you will be the last. I love you Alex, I came to give you my body, please be easy on me; I am still a virgin.

I was put in a dilemma. I wanted her and I dont want her at the same time. I couldnt think of what to say to her than to say, Tessy, I love you too. It escaped from my mouth quickly before my thoughts. I was letting my heart speak not my head. I damned the consequences of tomorrow and embraced the passion of now. I had just less than a month to wrap of my service year and I needed to hold on to something to linger in the archives of my memories. She began to kiss my chest, sending electronic signals to my sexual hormones, unleashing the demon within me. She kept on kissing and using her lips to clinch my Tips and that was the last straw that broke the camels back. I then took charge and laid her on her back. I sucked her Tips tenderly and caressively, she moaned embracing my head while at it. Although I had read about it in her book: How to deflower a virgin. With the tips I got the book, I was able to handle her care without much difficult and without her feeling much pain. 


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