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“I Can’t Do Music And Be Married” Flavour Talks About His Life & Ijele

The N’abania crooner, Flavour has revealed on BeatFM that marriage is not something he can handle, as it is a task too heavy for s busy man like him.

The highlife singer who is presently the father of two beautiful girls from two different women talked about the inspiration behind his new album ‘Ijele’ which is a name of the biggest masquerade in eastern Nigeria and whenever it comes out, nothing else happens. Guess the artiste is saying everything will be on hold once any of his songs from the album comes up.

On how he started, Flavour revealed that he has always been a passionate lover of his craft unlike some artistes in the industry who are all about the swag and social media presence rather than their crafts and working towards it to get better. To Flavour, his craft is not about showing off, but in case you’re wondering about his body show off on Instagram, he revealed that his body is part of his craft.

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Speaking of marriage, he revealed that he has never been married contrary to the rumour people carry about that Flavour had a secret wedding. According to Flavor;

“although marriage is a beautiful thing, but for a musician taht is going somewhere, marriage is big enough to take you off the ride, except you don’t see it taht way. I come from a good home and i know what marriage is all about. If you’re a married man, you gotta stay married and staying married with your job by your side is going to be difficult” “As a man and a musician, you wake up in the morning you’re thinking music and the kids are crying everywhere, it takes your focus… they’re certain vibes you’ll need to flow in and when you get married you also need to start cutting friends some off taht can distract your marriage… you need to tell yourself the truth. Right now i cant cope with it… give me a little time, yes i can, when i know in my heart…”

Finally, he spoke about his encounter with the Liberian young boy, Semah G. Weifur and how MasterKraft had introduced them. Flavour decided to go see the young boy that was able to sing all his songs and their encounter was pure magic! A magic that became the beginning of the dope collaboration the world is enjoying today.

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