Must Read: Adventure Of Unilag Runs Girl [Part 1]



Patricia looked down at herself in dismay, and struggled with the top of her low neck blouse, trying her best to conceal her overflowing cleavage. The elastic band of the neckline of her cotton blouse stretched half an inch and snapped sharply back into place.

“Stop that!”

Her hand dropped sharply to her side and she stood straighter at the rebuke. Clara who had invited her and the other three girls who stood in the room for a night of party looked at her in annoyance. Her face was contorted horribly in anger.

“How many times will I tell you that it is for your own interest to let your assets show during the party, ehn?” Clara asked, her hanging lower chins quivering in anger. She moved with effort around the room, her squat four feet five inches looking like a cannon ball as she rolled past each girl, checking for any flaw to point out. Patricia looked at her ‘assets’ once again and tried to ignore the brown shadow of her areola peeking past the neckline of her blouse.

“Sorry. I..,I didn’t know,” she said, biting down on her lower lip. Clara said nothing. She checked her wristwatch again.

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