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9 Smart Ways To Make Him Fear Losing You



9 Smart Ways To Make Him Fear Losing You

When a man is chasing in the beginning of a relationship they tend to bring their A game in.

Then as time goes by he will most likely get used to you and get very comfortable. Such a man needs an awakening, the kind that will make him realize that you’re a gem and the kind that will make him remember how special you are. If you have been together for a while and he has gotten too comfortable then here are smart ways to make him fear losing you. If you do all these things and he still doesn’t give a damn then you need to know your worth and leave him. Remember while you’re following these steps you should also take time to evaluate your relationship and truly see if it is even worth it.

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1. Stop being available for him.

There is no point of waiting around for him. Make him miss you by not being so available and let him know his life without you in it. Wait for the time when he actually misses you and longs to see you, he will try meet you and even insist that he needs to see you. If you’re always the one trying to be in his space he may even get bored and not appreciate your presence take some few weekends off from him and just have a phone relationship instead.

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2. Be MIA on communicating.

Don’t be too eager to call him all the time. Don’t drop whatever you’re doing just so you can talk to him, sometimes let him initiate the contact instead of you struggling to keep the communication alive.




3. Stop doing things for him.

The house chores and errands you run for him, you need to stop those. Keep in mind that you are not his mother or his wife. You don’t need to cook for him and running his household all the time you may be trying to prove to him that you can be a wife but I am sure if you have cooked for him he knows you can do it. Take a step back and let him see how life can be without all those things, let him miss your presence instead of just your food.

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