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Mixed braids look awesome.

Mixed braids have always been on our streets, but most people didn’t take notice until recently. Mixed braids are easy to maintain and style. Bold women tend to go for the colors blue, pink, or orange.

Here are 9 pictures of mixed braids that will make you want to give them a shot:

1. Blue and black.

These colors blend quite well; especially if you are light skinned.

mixed braids



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2. Pink and black.

If you are the girly type, you can try this look.

mixed braids



3. Mixed braids bob.

If you love bob hairdos, this hairstyle will give you that sophisticated look you are looking for.

mixed braids



4. Purple and blue.

This combination is very creative and usually looks edgy.

mix braids



5. Black and blue.

If you love colors and you want a simple look, the black and blue is the look to try.

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mixed braids



6. White and black.

White is a bold color, and if you love bold colors, then this will work for you.

mixed braids



7. All color mixtures.

You can mix different colors to achieve a crazy but funky look.

mixed braids



8. White, pink, and black.

These colors blend in well and give one a classy look.

mixed braids



9. Black and green.

Black and green blend in well; especially if they are styled the right way. You can do a high bun or a fancy look.

mixed braids


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