7 Delicious Things You Must Eat In The Month Of August


This month is going to be full of delicious things.

You may not like food in large quantities, but the fact is you love eating good food. And most times, when you think about it, your meal cycle is revolved around some certain meals. So we’ll bring you 7 things you should try out every month to spice up your meal table from African chefs and food bloggers.

For the month of August, here are our picks! We’ve also attached the recipes so you don’t go through the hassle of looking for that.

1. Village Spaghetti

Tired of eating your spaghetti the same old way, this village recipe looks like a lot of fun.

village pasta spaghetti


2. Waakye

After hearing about waakye in all your favourite songs, why don’t you try this recipe for it?



3. Pinkaso

These Hausa dumplings look like food you can serve guests while they wait for the main dish. Here’s the recipe



4. Pineapple Ice Cream

Rather than buying ice-cream, have you tried this recipe to make delicious pineapple ice cream?

pineapple ice cream recipe


5. Edikan Ikong

Calabar people in Nigeria swear by this soup and we’ve confirmed that it is all that. How about you try this recipe?

edikaikong soup


6. Purple Cabbage Chicken Fried Rice

If fried rice is boring to you, try to spice it up by using this purple cabbage recipe.

purple cabbage fried rice


7. Potato Mpotompoto

If you love potatoes and you’re out to try new stuff, then this potato mpotompoto recipe should work for you.

potato mpotompoto


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