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6 Easy And Free Online Certificate Courses To Boost Your CV

6 Easy And Free Online Certificate Courses To Boost Your CV

Some of us never stop being students. 

The more certifications you have-whether it’s a degree, masters, diploma, or just a simple certificate-the more impressive your CV looks.

Education can open you up to more opportunities, but it can also be very expensive. Worry not however, for those on a budget looking to learn more, there are free online certificate courses that you can do at your own pace and get a certification for after completion.

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Here are 6 easy and free online certificate courses to boost your CV; 

1. Google Digital Marketing Skills Certification. 

If you are looking to get into marketing, or already are and want to deepen your knowledge, you should try this free google certificate course. This is also for those who may want to start a business and would like to learn how to market their own products and services online.

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At your own pace you must finish 26 classes, which take about 30 minutes each. You watch short, fun, illustrated videos/lectures which take about 1-4 mins and take short quizzes and topic assessments after completing each video. After completing all 26 classes you take a final exam and get your certificate. You can take a few days to a month depending to finish on your speed. Your certificate may look something like this.



2. Introduction to Computer Science. 

Learn the basic concepts of computers and computing. A beginner class specifically designed for students with no programming experience, this course provides an introduction to software development, object-oriented programming, the fundamentals of Java, user-defined methods, and arrays. Completing all course units requires about 95 hours.



3. Public Relations. 

Do you understand the differences between public relations, advertising, and publicity? This course will teach you about the role of public opinion in business success and the importance of reputation management. You’ll learn about various PR tools and get a broad overview of public relations in general. No experience is required, and you can start at any time.



4. Education Course; Early Childhood Education. 

Step into the world of the under-5 set. Explore the stages of child development, the importance of play in early learning, and how caregivers can support the unique needs of each child. You will learn why taking risks is essential for a child’s learning, and how early childhood educators can offer positive forms of behavioral guidance. This course runs for four weeks.



5. Principles of Microeconomics. 

Analyze the choices and decisions individuals make to manage scarce resources after evaluating resources, costs, and trade-offs. Learn about consumer and producer behavior, the nature of supply and demand, and the different kinds of markets and how they function. This course is made up of seven units that take approximately 83 hours to complete.



6. The Art of Photography. 

Learn practical skills to broaden your understanding of photography as a visual art. This course will teach you how to use key features on your digital camera, how to make more effective compositions, and how to understand the tools and functions of image editing software. You will also explore the work of contemporary photographic artists.



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