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27 Times Yoruba Movies Murdered English Language In Their Subtitles

Yoruwood is lit!

The movies are dope, the actors are funny, and they really know how to make funny movies. Yoruba movies usually have subtitles, so that people who don’t speak the language can watch the movies and enjoy them, but most times they end up murdering the English language with terrible errors. Here are some of the hilarious subtitles we’ve seen.

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1. Are you ‘jealoused’?


2. The deal has been ‘strucked’


3. Does he?


4. Wow, ‘Pregnance’?


5. Lmao


6. She was ‘dump folded’ guys


7. This is hilarious


8. Don’t forget to have your ‘birth’ guys


9. Somebody call the police


10. Did you know first class upper degrees exist?


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11. Should she abortion?


12. ‘View weeks later’ wow


13. You people should answer him o


14. Kai


15. Who knows why?


16. See insult sha


17. Must be Peak milk


18. Three beautiful nko


19. Who needs a ‘shurty’ o


20. Poor man is only going to get more sick


21. Who is the murderer?

Caption 10


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22. You better talk


23. This princess sha


24. What is ‘Pomangene’ juice?


25. She ‘Painted’ o


26. Hmm. ‘Fowl play’


27. He’s ‘enjoy’ it o


28. Men are scum

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