Top 5 Famous Online Shopping Sites That Ship to Nigeria

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According to the survey, 66 % of Nigerians buy items through the online shopping sites that ship to Nigeria every month. Compare this with 60 % in South Africa and 45 % in Kenya. However, among the top reasons of low frequency use of online shopping sites were lack of trust, shipping costs, unsupported payment methods and of course missing delivery options for Nigeria. Let’s speak about those online shopping sites that can be trusted and have quick delivery options for Nigerians.

Online shopping to Nigeria

Asos, without exaggeration, is one of the most popular British online stores. The company started its activity in 2000 and by now has become the largest network hypermarket. Its assortment is estimated in tens of thousands of names, from hundreds of well-known brands. The name ASOS is an abbreviation for AS SEEN ON SCREEN and speaks for itself.

What is so attractive about ASOS?

Successfully matched, colossal assortment. New, fashionable collections of famous brands located in the middle price segment. The focus is primarily on youth, everyday fashion.

Fair prices. Here you cannot be deceived by a fictitious discount or a foolish action. Honesty with the buyer is the golden rule of ASOS.

Generous seasonal sales – liquidation. Everything has to be sold! Discounts sometimes reach 90%.

Free international shipping on all orders regardless of the amount. Permanent promotions for free express delivery when buying for a certain amount.

Estimated delivery time to Nigeria is 2 – 7 days.


Trading via the Internet is simple only at first glance. It’s complicated to stand out against the backdrop of the modern giants of online trading. The project ‘Missguided,’ however, made it was possible – it reliably won a place in the list of the best online stores of our time.

“Missguided” specialists consider their primary goal to provide all the needs of their numerous customers. Frankly speaking, it’s not easy to meet the requirements of a modern, highly dynamically developing market. In the existing level of competition, it is somewhat challenging to succeed in the field of trade with fashion products. Missguided, however, coped with that. At the moment they can be rightfully considered as one of the most exciting and promising players in the modern trading market.

Estimated delivery time to Nigeria is 2 – 7 days.


Lookfantastic is a famous British online store of cosmetics, perfumes and body care products.

Lookfantastic was founded in 1997 with the aim to make elite and exclusive cosmetic and perfume brands more accessible to a wide range of customers.

At the moment Lookfantastic is already a group of companies, including an international online store with delivery to almost all countries of the world, as well as 15 hairdressing salons in London and other cities of Britain and a well-known hairdressing school. Also, the company owns a famous in Britain website for men

The assortment of products in the online store is continually expanding. At the moment there are about 8,000 items of goods, among which such well-known brands as Clarins, Redken, Dermalogica, Aveda, L’oreal and many others as offered to a broad audience elite.

Mostly in the Lookfantastic for sale, hair care products are offered face and body, makeup, cosmetics, perfumes, and many other similar products.

Estimated delivery time to Nigeria is 2 – 7 days.

Amazon to Nigeria is the most extensive online trading platform, comparable in popularity, only with eBay auction, which sells and purchases tens of thousands of various products every day.

Purchase on Amazon. Reasons for popularity

If in short, then – this is a massive selection of products sold at reasonably low prices. Protection of buyers from dishonest sellers, and convenience in finding and buying the product you need, and the offered discounts on the purchase of a particular thing.

“Does Amazon ship to Nigeria?” – the answer is YES. Amazon shipping from USA to Nigeria is 2 – 7 days.

Amazon does not have physical stores, and all sales transactions on it are made exclusively through the Internet. Therefore, due to savings in storage costs and wages for sellers in physical stores, Amazon manages to keep the prices of goods sold at a shallow level. Also, this circumstance frees residents of most states of America from paying sales tax, which buyers would inevitably pay when buying at a regular store.

Estimated delivery time to Nigeria is 2 – 7 days.

Aliexpress Nigeria is one of the largest trading platforms in China, where a lot of goods from different sellers are collected. In simple words, Aliexpress is a “market”, on which there are sellers promote and sell its goods. Aliexpress can be called Chinese eBay. Though they are internally very similar, the only difference is that only new unused goods are sold on Aliexpress.

Also, Aliexpress is a platform focused specifically on the external market. The range of the trading floor is huge. Imagine the assortment of the “ordinary” Chinese online store, and now imagine what will be the assortment of hundreds of thousands of small shops that sell their goods online.

Estimated delivery time of Aliexpress shipping to Nigeria is 2 – 7 days.

When it comes to buying from online shopping sites that ship to Nigeria, it becomes a challenge for many living in Nigeria because of shipping cost. Most cannot imagine buying a product that costs only $10 and have it shipped for $25. This was the snag before some stores found a way to solve this problem- Free Shipping.

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