Give me Plenty Money and I Will Give You Milk – Nigerian Lady Says on Social Media (Photos)

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Social media is known for a lot of things, one of which is the prominent trade by barter that people engage in.

While many people are on the social media platforms establishing new contacts, meeting the love of their lives, winning opportunities and selling their products/services, others, however, have chosen the medium to sell ‘other’ kinds of businesses.

A Nigerian lady with the Twitter username, @tashidahbakward, recently took to the social media platform to present her own condition for giving what she described as ‘milk’.

According to her, she will give milk to anyone that offers her plenty of money. Posting a cleavage-revealing photo of herself, she wrote: “Give me plenty money & I’ll give you milk 

However, if the plan was to draw people’s attention to her chest area, it appeared the plan flopped as people’s attention was rather focused on her armpit area which appeared dark and unsanitary.

See comments below:

It appears all the criticisms about her body part didn’t faze her. She posted another photo later on.

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