LADIES ONLY – How To Spot An Irresponsible Man

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Today has been lovely, men all of a sudden turned to minister of women affairs,knowing the genesis and revelation of all things female. Well ladies here’s how to spot an irresponsible man.

1. HE’S BROKE: and doing nothing to change his situation but blame buhari and the country. He stays with his parents at 30, has never had a job or can’t keep one longer than 6 months. His life is a barren fig tree, a lot of effort but no result, as long as he can soak garri to swell, drink beer and see congo to shine, he is content. If you date this one, you will automatically be a sugar mummy without the age. Just saying.

2. HE’s UNSERIOUS : We all know them, they play PS3 or ludo or ayo from morning to night,they know everything about every footballer including the color of their favorite boxers. They always play ever lottery especially baba ijebu. He never grew up, his body left his brain behind like agric fowl. If you date this one, you will automatically become the mother of a ‘bouncing baby MAN’ and he will suck you dry before moving on.

3. HE HAS BAD HABITS: He drinks worse than a gutter, he smokes like a chimney, he is addicted to porn and masturbation. Ladies you can’t change these ones, only God can.

4. HE’S UNFAITHFUL AND A PLAYER: A devoted member of the ‘chop and clean mouth’ ministries. Every man with wandering eye,they can’t walk straight once any humanbeing wearing a skirt passes by. He put you at a higher risks of acquiring STIs and high BP. Run sister, run from these ones.

5. HE HAS NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN: They are plenty here on Naijaloaded. By their comments, you will know that their father figures never respected their mothers. They will destroy you emotionally as LONG as the world revolves around them.

6. HE’S ALL BARK AND NO BITE: empty vessels making the loudest sound just to impress us ladies.’ i am the this of this and the that of that’, ‘i will do this and do that’ they make empty promises and will have NOTHING TO SHOW, watch out these ones are subtle but easy to identify. They are not men of their words. If you watch them closely a lot of things in their life dont add up.

7. HE KEEPS REMINDING YOU THAT HE IS A MAN: as if we don’t know that already.’i wear the pants in this house’ is what you will hear them say when a woman confronts them about an issue and he knows he is wrong but doesn’t want to take correction because his ego is more fragile than a premature newborn in an incubator.

Plenty more where that came from.

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