What is your bucket list like? (18+)

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What is that one thing or those things you would love to try out sexually and you have not had the chance to? Or you are simply too scared to give a shot?

Now that we have gotten that out of the year, I woke up into the new year knowing I am not going end this year single. What does that mean? Well, I often make it a habit to tell my single friends ‘You can’t be a hoe (or whatever they call it) when you are single. You are merely going though a phase, trying to find out what and who is good for you? Take your time, do not rush it. Well my own phase is coming to an end. So now I woke up thinking if there was anything I would love to get ticked off my list before getting my heart all given out again. To be honest, I have got just a few things to get knocked off.  So, fellow single folks.. and those of you married or in a relationship but love to get freaky, what are those things you would love to try out.

I think I should go first and the one thing i would love to try out well before i run out of single time is.. Have sex in a moving car. Problem I have been having is who is gonna be the driver? Lol…

I have had a friend take on five guys at a go, well that was top of her bucket list and boy, was it crazy! So what is yours? Feel free to share, might never know who just might be as freaky as you.

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