Romance Scam? Check Out The Amount Of Money This Oyinbo Lady Spent On Her Nigerian Lover In 8 Weeks

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A lady has cried out on social media seeking for advise after her Oyinbo friend spent an outrageous amount of money on her Nigerian boyfriend in 8 weeks.

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 A Facebook user, Amanda Chisom, has taken to the social networking platform to reveal the message she received from an anonymous lady, seeking an advise from Nigerians on behalf of her Oyinbo friend who seems to be insanely in love with a Nigerian boyfriend.
The lady who shared the news on her profile, further added that this Oyinbo lady has spent about $2,800 (N1 million), on her boyfriend in the space of eight weeks.
The post reads: “Hi Amanda, thanks for being great, thanks for your time, you’re a great woman. Hide my identity please. I have a friend she’s a nice person, lately I had to spend more time with her because of relocation and she was once married but later found out that her ex-husband was married in Africa that was how she broke up the marriage. The problem is this, I notice she’s easily tickled and smile endlessly when a guy, I mean anything looking like a man says hi to her, not minding who he is.
“Recently, this guy met us in a restaurant, took her number and they started chatting. I saw she was happy and I encouraged her to go out on a date with him but coming back from that date, she told me that he borrowed 20 dollars to gas up his tank. I was speechless when I heard it, she saw how I felt and she didn’t say any other thing.
“Yesterday, she told me that she’s feeling charmed, I said how in America again, how would you believe such. She said since I met this guy I have already spent 2800 dollars on him in a space of 8 weeks, worst I don’t even know where he lives, this friend of mine is a mother, please how do I address this issue, since she opened up to me I feel like I encouraged her to start something with this guy. This guy is a Nigerian and I feel he’s like a brother but my friend doesn’t deserve such person, she’s not Nigerian.”
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