12 Reasons Why She Is Ignoring Your Texts

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12 Reasons Why She Is Ignoring Your Texts


Women are notorious for ignoring texts from guys.

This move has been infamously dubbed “giving someone the blue ticks.” But the reality is that girls don’t do this for fun. They have their reasons.

As a guy, you might be scratching your mustache and wondering why after sending her the smoothest line you could possibly come up with, she still hasn’t replied. Or maybe she has gone quiet completely nowadays. It’s important to figure out why she is silent as it may help to alleviate your frustration. So here are some possible reasons why she is giving you the blue ticks.

1. You are a nuisance.

Perhaps you text her too much and too often, and she can’t keep up. As a result, she has concluded that you don’t have a life. Women hate men who seem to have too much time on their hands. They want men who make them wonder, “What might he be doing right now?”.




2. You haven’t impressed her enough.

Another possible reason for her silence is that you just haven’t given her any solid reason why you are interesting enough for her to be with you. You might be doing a poor job at being a romance salesman and she has eventually decided she doesn’t want to give you any more of her time.



3. Your texts are boring.

You might be the type that keeps on asking”what have you eaten?” or “what are you doing?” Your seduction proceeds like a tortoise walking through a national park. You also take too long to ask her out. You type long paragraphs but say little. You don’t say exciting things and your levels of wit are questionable. These a are all reasons to make you be tagged ‘boring’.



4. She is intentionally playing hard to get.

Some women love playing hard to get. They just want to see if you value them enough to push until the end. That’s why persistence is key.

Come at me bro meme



5. She likes another man.

When a woman is deeply in love. she rarely tolerates approaches from other men. She will do anything to avoid them since she doesn’t want to mess up the good thing she has going.

Obasano Meme



6. She is a busy woman.

She might be a go-getter who really has no time for chatting. Or she could be having a job that occupies most of her time. When dealing with a woman like this, it’s important to fit yourself into her schedule. Communicate with her when she has time and give her space when she is busy.

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7. She just doesn’t like you at all.

It happens. Women decide who to like and who not to like. It might not be your fault that you aren’t tall, dark or a bad boy yet she likes those kind of guys. Everyone is a slave of preferences


8. She is the forgetful type.

Amnesia is especially common among girls that love to multi-task. If she’s doing several things at a single time, she might genuinely forget that she saw your text but didn’t reply.



9. She hates texting.

Yeah….it’s just not her thing,

10. She has lost interest in you.

She used to like you but of late, you have a become a man that doesn’t ignite the tingles in her anymore. You have stopped doing the sweet stuff you used to or you have adopted behaviors that don’t align with her desires.


11. She has too many people to text.

Majority of girls get bombarded with texts from guys and friends. They have to take time to respond to everyone. So don’t worry. maybe you are just in the waiting queue and your time will come.


12. You’re moving too fast.

Are you the type of guy that wants things to happen too quickly? Well, that might be your undoing. I have never met a girl that likes to be taken too fast unless she has questionable morals. Always gauge the speed with which you are moving by how she reacts




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