10 Reasons You’re Not Escaping The Friend Zone

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10 Reasons You’re Not Escaping The Friend Zone


The friend zone is that place you are put when one party makes it clear that there’s nothing more that can happen.

You’re friends and nothing more or less than friends and sadly you will not escape this zone. It is a sad place to be because it can get confusing when you are meant to be friends with someone you like. It can also appear selfish because you don’t want to be in that zone but you still hang out and occasionally have a free pass for some relationship benefits.

You’re that person he/she calls when they’re in trouble or need something. But you’re still stuck in the friend zone and here’s why you won’t escape it anytime soon.

1. He/she is in a relationship.

The person you like is in a relationship but you insist on being there just in case they break up and you are next in the lineup. You’re the one who is called when their relationship isn’t going well and a few days or hours later you have a special chemistry but by the time you finish giving your all loving advice you’re back in the friend zone. You’ll keep waiting for this person who won’t give you anything more because they love someone else.

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2. Your feelings are ignored

Once in a while, you insinuate that you love them and how amazing they make you feel, only to receive a “thank you” from your friend. After you declare your love over and over again they give you the friend zone speech “remember, I told you we can’t be anything more than friends?”.

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3. Your crush is mean

The person who friend zoned you is not in a relationship or anything serious but they want to string you along. You are convenient for them and they talk to you based on their needs. The problem is you’re still there hanging around waiting for them to be nice. They even have the nerve to act like they don’t know you like them.

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4. Maybe you’re the problem

You were zoned but you happily accepted it because you think you can’t escape it. So there you are allowing yourself to be just a friend but you could be more. You will not get out of the friend zone by just accepting it.

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5. You’re always available for everything

Personal assistant? You’re always available for your friend’s needs and this is okay until you expect the same and you are the errand boy/girl. Being too available means you act like you are the boyfriend/girlfriend and making someone feel that they can get everything from you without commitment doesn’t work out.

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6. You act like they are the only option you have

As the friend that zoned you goes around doing whatever they like you act like you can never have any other option in life. What’s even worse is when you insist that they are the only option for you and that will never make the other person feel like they want some form of commitment with you. While they tell you they are scared of commitment, like really?

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7. You’re the only one invested

You tell them everything, make time for them or shower them with gifts and you get nothing in return. The simple rule here is to never give anything more than you are getting. You keep investing and get a deficit so how will you move to another level if you give all you have?

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8. Too needy and nagging

Neediness is the number one killer of any friendship or relationships. If you already act like you cannot leave without the person who friend zoned you then you scare them away. No one wants to progress to a relationship if you’re already nagging as a friend.

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9. Obsessive much?

Calling, texting and communicating all the time is annoying. If you have not been maintaining a healthy distance from the friend that zoned you then you become a repellant. Someones appreciate attention from someone they are with or have mutual feelings. If you keep insisting you will not only be a friend, you will be blocked.

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10. Care too much

You are not his girlfriend and you are not her boyfriend. A friend cares about you but they don’t keep calling and asking about what you ate or if you slept well. What’s even worse is when you act offended when she/he starts dating someone else. Keep your emotions at bay and keep calm until you’re needed to care.



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