SHORT STORY: Our Little Secret – [Must Read]

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They had been at a conference all day. He couldn’t get over how attentive Habiba looked, taking notes, jotting down ideas, asking questions and participating in discussions. He was wholly disinterested, but was stuck there because he had brought her. She was his go-to for many things, so it was a good thing that she was here. He had always thought that she was sharp, but he realized that he had totally underestimated her. She was brilliant. Absolutely, amazingly brilliant.
After the conference was over, he had suggested they stop for dinner. So, they stopped at a restaurant. He ordered a drink for himself, and looked at her as she studied the menu.
“Come on, order a drink. It’s on me.” He urged. “It’s been a long day, we both deserve it.”
“Well okay then.” She chuckled. “Drinking on the company dime now, Folarin?” She asked sarcastically as she ordered her drink.
“More like mine, and it’s after seven, so we are not even on company time.” He replied, laughing at the expression on her face as she raised an eyebrow at him.
One drink turned to two. Two turned to three. Two and a half hours later, they were pulling into the office to drop off their stuff before heading home for the weekend.
But as they were walking from the parking area to the door, the overcast sky broke loose, pouring a cold, drenching rain onto the two of them. Habiba shrieked at the feeling of the cold rain, holding her folder over her head as they took off running the last fifty feet to the door. As they made it inside, both tipsy and breathless, they burst into a fit of raucous laughter. She ran her fingers through her drenched hair, shaking the extra water out.
“Well, that’ll sober you up quick,” she smirked, still laughing at their misfortune.
“No kidding.” He stared at her as he laughed in agreement.
He had never looked at her this way before. The way her eyes danced as she laughed. The twinkle in her eyes still lingering from the drinks. The way the rain ran down her face. How her wet shirt clung to her in the right places. It hit him, catching him off-guard. He was actually very attracted to her.
Then it happened. Maybe it was the alcohol; maybe it was something else that pushed his inhibitions aside. But he couldn’t resist it. He gave into temptation and without warning, leaned in and kissed her. She hesitated at first and pushed back against him. This was completely and totally wrong. He couldn’t stop himself as he moved his hands to her face, caressing her cheeks as he continued. He groaned, tasting her kiss as she gave in to his advance. Her lips were soft. He could still taste the wine she drank, mixed with the sweetness of her lipgloss. “Habiba,” he whispered as he broke from the kiss, “You have no idea how badly I want you right now.”
As she looked up at him, he could see the doubt in her eyes. This would complicate things. He should stop. He could see her hesitation. But Habiba could never tell him no. For one fleeting moment, he figured that he could use that to his advantage.
He leaned in and kissed her again, pushing her back against the table. As she leaned back against it, he pushed her back farther, until she was sitting on the edge of it. He stepped forward, pushing her knees open with his, running his hands beneath her knee length skirt, up her legs as he continued.
He felt his desire increase when he felt the soft skin of her toned legs. His hands moved forward, brushing over her panties. His cock twitched with anticipation as he felt the soft cotton beneath his fingers, and the heat behind it. He groaned softly as he pulled her against him. He heard her gasp, and he knew that it was in response to the feeling of his fingers so dangerously close to what he wanted.
He couldn’t take it any longer. He had to have her. As he tugged at his belt, he felt an anticipation he hadn’t felt in years. As his cock sprang free from his pants, Habiba whimpered softly. He took her hand and placed it on him, moaning as she slowly stroked him. Her touch was gentle as her hand moved from his head down, teasing him. He throbbed as she turned her hand before stroking back to his head.
“I can’t take it, Habiba .” He whispered into her ear. He caught the scent of her perfume. It drove his lust over the edge. “Let me have you.” The words almost didn’t sound like they were his. He couldn’t believe he was saying this. It was insane, but he couldn’t stop. He wanted her too badly.
She nodded, her brown eyes burning with her own need. He reached under her skirt, tugging at her panties. He tossed them aside and pulled her to the edge of the desk. He looked at her as she bit her lip. She shook with anticipation. He moaned as he eased into her. The sound of Habiba’s gasp and moan as he pushed deeper within her was euphoric. She was so hot. Her soft, wet pussy seemed to clench around him tightly as he slowly pushed himself to the hilt. She was getting wetter by the second. Any reluctance was gone.
He slowly started sliding in and out of her. He figured he would only get this opportunity once, so he had better enjoy every moment. With Habiba now leaning back on her elbows, her head back as he had his way, he was taking his time. For now, anyway.
The more she moaned, the more he wanted to hear. As he felt her first climax peak, he gave into his desire. While she convulsed around him, digging her manicured red nails into the desk, he grabbed her hips and thrusted into her.
“Fola…” She cried out as he moaned at the feeling of her pulsing around him. “Please don’t stop.”
That was all the encouragement he needed. He began thrusting deeply into her. He let go of his restraint and fucked her hard. She moaned louder as he moved faster. He felt her second climax coming. As he brought her to the breaking point, he slammed into her as she shattered around him again, screaming out for him.
“Fuck yes.” He groaned as he savored the feeling of her losing control around him. She was so wet. She bit her lip as her eyes closed and the climax rolled over her.
As it subsided, he slowed his thrusting until he was slowly pumping in and out of her while she came down. As her brown eyes fluttered open again, he slowed more, withdrawing from her. She groaned quietly in protest as she looked at him while he stepped back from the desk.
“Turn around” he said, quietly. She nodded and complied, sliding off the desk and turning around, putting her back to him. He stepped forward, hiking her skirt up and bending her over the desk before he buried his cock inside of her once again. He grabbed her ass, his fingers leaving red marks on her soft, fair skin.
“Oh fuck!” Habiba cried out as he began thrusting into her roughly. The way she arched her back told him that she was enjoying this as much as he was. She panted and moaned as he continued. He loved how vocal she was. It was a far cry from her quiet, professional personality at work. He had figured out her dirty little secret, and it was music to his ears.
He dug his fingers into her hips as she started grinding back against him. The way her hips moved against him was amazing. She was going to make him come. He could feel it, boiling deep within him. He was almost at the point of no return.
He felt her orgasm hit as she pulled herself forward against the desk.
“Oh yes, yes!” She cried out as he slammed into her again. The sound of her moaning and the feeling of her tight pussy throbbing as she climaxed was too much.
He thrusted deep and moaned loudly as his cock erupted inside of her, sending jets of his hot load spurting into her, causing her to moan lustfully in response. He moaned again as he felt her clenching around him.
Neither of them said much when it was over. It was a touch awkward as they looked at each other before she nodded in the direction of the bathroom. But she looked wonderful as she walked away, even if her hair was a bit of a mess and she had that satisfied, freshly fucked look across her face.
“See ya Monday, boss.” Habiba smiled as she peeked into his office before she ducked out the back door a few moments later, after she put herself back together.
“Have a good weekend.” He replied, smiling back at her.
He spent the entire weekend worrying about what Monday would bring. He was relieved to see that she was acting like her normal self. When she went to makecopies, he stopped her.
“About Friday,” he started quietly, careful to make sure no one else overheard, “you’re okay, right?” He was concerned. He didn’t want to lose her as an employee over a drunken tryst. She was far too valuable. He was prepared to apologize and beg for forgiveness if it was necessary.
“Of course.” Habiba said, giving him a shy smile. “As far as that goes,” she paused, biting her lip flirtatiously, “nothing happened.” Seeing his look of relief, she leaned in to make sure he heard her, “that’s our little secret.” She whispered.
She turned and walked back to her desk as if nothing happened, papers in hand. He couldn’t believe it. He was absolutely certain she was going to be upset. She had totally proven him wrong.
It made him want to take her again right then, even though he knew it could never happen. But it didn’t stop him from remembering the way she felt as he buried himself inside of her. Or the way she sounded as she moaned as she came. How vocal she was as he thrusted into her from behind. He felt his cock twitch in response and reluctantly forced himself back to reality.
“Our little secret.” He mumbled to himself as he turned and walked back into his office.
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