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I had just turned 36 when I was promoted to my new job. It felt great. A big bump in salary, nice title, a personal assistant as well as a secretary. A little overkill, I thought. A secretary and an assistant? Would I have to do any work myself? Even more than that was the office that went along with the rest. A big office, nicely furnished, a private bathroom, and a door that was kept locked at all times.

The guy I replaced must have had issues. I wasn’t sure, but the lock seemed to be over the top. Such privacy concerns that even my secretary had to be buzzed in. The only key cards that unlocked my door were mine and my assistant. I guessed that made her an assistant instead of a secretary.

But what an assistant. I had picked her out of a group of employees who asked for the promotion when I got mine. I swear I did not pick her because she was so young and pretty. Really. Honest. I think I really believe that, though it certainly didn’t hurt her chances. I mean, I knew we would be spending a lot of time together. I had to pick someone who was not only capable, but someone whose personality suited mine. But the thought of looking at such a pretty 25 year old for so much of the day certainly did make me smile.

Christie was a striking woman. Quite pretty. Long hair to match her long frame. She stood about five feet seven, and it seemed that it was mostly legs. Long, curvy legs – just like the rest of her. And nice, full breasts, noticeable even under her normally business-like attire.

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