Ladies, Create attention and let the Guys Go crazy by Rocking any of these Skirt or Trouser Suits (Photos)

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Suits, as formal as they are, have never been restricted to only the business world. For men, it is an essential part of their wardrobes as it is suitable for many, if not all events (apart from our owambes sha). They are versatile style that are worn all year round.

For women on the other hand, the suit is whatever we make of it. It is great to wear to work, a dinner, red carpet event or even as a uber casual outfit!

There are many ways to style a suit and the way it is styled determines where it can be worn to. For instance, you can rock your suit with a shirt to work and take off the shirt and it becomes a casual look.

Check how these women (some of them even rocking the three-piece suits) styled their outfits for inspiration!

Cc @mrs_gigabyte


Pink skirt suit


Purple suit and black shirt with heels and a bowler hat

Cc @marcherobinson in burgundy suit and peach blouse


Pink suit and patterned Shirt


Three piece suit rocked with a white shirt

With the skirt or the P@nts, which do you prefer?

Grey suit, no shirt


Love her look?


Cc @phume_mthembu


Pinstripe suit on white shirt


Lad Vodkha

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