7 Types Of People You Will Find Sliding Into Your DM

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7 Types Of People You Will Find Sliding Into Your DM


Their are people who like social media for stalking and their are people who just like it for hunting.

People use social media to communicate with their friends and family, but there are those who use social media to flirt and hit on women. Some people find nothing wrong with that, but the irking thing is that people tend to show a fake side online. Some guys seem quite bold in DMs and social media. You might think they are lions; only to meet them in person and you cannot help but think that they are just your friendly neighborhood kitten.

Here are 7 Types of people you will find sliding in your dm.

1. Hey guy.

This is the kind of guy who only slides in your DM only to say endless “heys”. All the guy does is say hey! Why don’t they take a hint though? If someone does not reply three times, you are making a fool of yourself, right?



2. The stalker.

There is always that person watching your profile like a hawk high on weed. They always know what you are eating, where you work, where you shop, and who you’ve been with. Don’t be surprised to find such a guy knows even your favorite color.



3. The weird guy.

This is the kind of guy who messages you and their profile is just WEIRD! The things they post are usually scary and weird, and are nothing close to what you enjoy. Like those guys who DM you and their profile picture is one where they are taking a selfieand there is a pot of food on a stove in the background.


4. The one asking for nudes.

There are those who only slide in your DM to ask you for nudes. They send you their nudes without you asking. Disgusting! Men, stop this dumb belief that women love pictures of your dirty wee-wee!



5. Your ex.

Your ex is likely to slide in your DM, to probe you and ask subtle questions to know if you are happy, and to test if maybe, just maybe you might go back to them.



6. The one in a relationship.

There are people who will slide in your DM and you can clearly see they are married or in a relationship. It has become something of a norm, it is now not shocking. They say HIV prevalence is higher in marriages. Watch out!


7. Stranger.

There are also those people who snoop on your profile and slide into your DM yet you don’t know them. You have no mutual friends and you are from completely different parts of the country. Such people might be selling weird stuff; like puppies or knives.


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