Learn How to Play CHESS

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    Hi Chess lovers I started playing chess few months ago, although I have always loved the game but i had no idea about it,
    I downloaded the App on play store and started playing, I didn’t understand what exactly I was playing,
    I started doing some research online and a friend helped me with some chess videos which aided my learning,
    I play with computer most times, but have played with a few humans, in my hostel one particular room had the board so I played with them and they trashed the hell ouuta me,
    But with constant practice I am getting better at chess.

    So if you are a beginner that love chess and have always wanted to learn the game, you can enter here, to learn from the PRO’S,
    I am not a pro oh, I just started about 2 Months Ago – July.

    I would try to teach with Visual aid.

    If you don’t have a CHESS game you can download from the Google Play Store

    3D Chess On PlayStore,


    This is how a CHESS BOARD look like and this is exactly how the pieces are positioned.

    I would explain each of the pieces one by one.




    Pawns are those small pieces that occupy the front row, they move forward, and on its very first move, it can advance two squares,
    the way a chess can capture a piece is diagonally, it can only capture by moving forward diagonally, a Pawn never moves backwards,
    A pawn can be promoted to any rank.

    Don’t lose your Pawns unnecessarily.

    This is a visual aid of how the PAWN moves in the chess board.
    The Black Circle is where the pawn can move to, while the X is how the pawn can capture an opponents piece.


    The Knight is the piece that is shaped like an HORSE head, the Knight is the only piece that can jump over any piece, it moves in an L-Shape kinda movement.

    The Knight is very useful when offering protection for the pawns as they advance towards your opponent, don’t lose your Knights carelessly.

    Here is a visual aid of how the Knight move in the chess board.


    The Bishop is that piece on the chess board that has the + Sign on its head, the Bishop move Diagonally, think of the Bishop Movement like an X Shape.
    The bishop is one of the major piece that can move and capture very far,

    Here’s a visual aid.
    The Black circle is where the bishop can move to, but it can’t jump over any piece.

    This piece looks like a Castle.
    The Rook is one of the major piece like the Bishop that can move and capture very far, the Rooks only move Horizontally or Vertically on the chess board.Here’s a visual aid,these rooks are extremely important because they offer maximum protection for the king, we would get to that.


    The ferocious slay QUEEN � this piece is the most powerful and the most dangerous piece on the chess board,
    The Queen can move, HORIZONTALLY, VERTICALLY & DIAGONALLY, think of the QUEEN as a Rook & a Bishop, lose other pieces but don’t ever lose your Queen carelessly.

    If you can capture your opponents queen while you still have yours that’s a big advantage in a way.

    Here’s a visual aid of how the slay Queen move on the chess board.


    The Main Objective- of CHESS is to Check Mate (Capture) your opponents King while protecting your own.
    A King is only checkmated when he has no other legal move to make.

    While attacking you opponent, be careful not to expose your flanks unnecessarily, and be careful not to lose vital pieces.

    The first and most important thing to learn in chess is opening, in chess its the White player that goes first.

    White is what I play with most times.

    How to Open. White
    You can open with D4 or E4

    After opening with Pawn D4 or E5 you should develope your game by bringing out your minor pieces, and your minor pieces are your KNIGHTS & BISHOPS


    One of the best way to ensure the King Safety is to castle as soon as possible, you castle with the King and the Rook,
    The only way you can castle is when the King and the took are moving for the first time,
    If the King or took has made a move already, you can’t castle anymore. So always castle on time.

    Here’s a visual, the pointed arrow shows where the King & took should go next when castling

    one of the best strategy in chess is to control your center. Don’t move pieces more than once unless you have a strong reason to.

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