7 Surefire Ways To Identify Nigerians Abroad

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Nigerians are extra everywhere they go.

Nigerians hate staying in one especially if that place is Nigeria. That’s why you can find Nigerians in far-flung places like Australia, Thailand, Iceland and more. We’re even sure that if you check North Korea well, you might just find a Nigerian hustling and trying to make money. If you’re ever in the abroad, here are ways to identify your fellow Nigerians:

1. Giving your direction using only their face

If you ask anyone directions and they are using their face, nose and mouth to point instead of their hands, chances are that person is a Nigerian.

A girl just asked me for directions from Cannon St to Bank station, I pointed with my nose and my lips…. she said you’re Nigerian aren’t you. I said yeah and we just burst out laughing lolll


2. Answering a question with a question

This trait is only unique to Nigerians. A typical Nigerian will answer the question “who are you?” with another question.




3. Loving Nigeria more than necessary

Only Nigerians in the abroad that will be saying how much they love Nigeria. If you meet anyone who is overly patriotic about Nigeria abroad, just know they are Nigerian.

Nigerian Flag with fist



4. Never tipping

If someone doesn’t tip till you remind them, chances are they are Nigerians. It’s not their fault, they are used to hearing “anything for the boys” before they tip. When they don’t hear that phrase, they are just like:



5. Super flashy clothes

Nigerians love to show that they have arrived. There is no better way to do that than dressing in designer head to toe and being very flashy with their clothes.

how to dress up jeans



6. Always shouting

Generally, Nigerians are loud. This is because back home, you have to shout over the noise of traffic in most cities. Nigerians are too used to shouting to remember to use their inside voices in foreign countries.



7. Wearing wrong seasonal clothes

When Nigerians go to temperate regions, the fear of the cold has them forming “mans not hot” even in the summer.

Guys, how do you recognise your fellow Nigerians abroad?

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